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The Definitive Guide to LS Engine Specs and LS Engine Upgrades

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This is the ultimate LS engine swap or engine upgrade resource.

Scroll through the tables below to find the LS or LS-based Vortec truck engine that you own or are interested in building. All of the key engine specs and expert engine-upgrade advice and guidance you’ll need are only one click away.

Gen. III LS Engine Upgrade Guides & Specs (1996-2007)

Gen III LS & Vortech Engines
DisplacementEngine CodeLS Engine Upgrade GuideLS Engine Spec GuideReluctorVIN (8th Digit)BlockHeadGen III YearsVehicle
4.8LLR4LR4 Upgrade GuideLR4 Engine Specs24XV IronCathedral1999-06Truck/SUV/Van
5.3LLM4LM4 Upgrade GuideLM4 Engine Specs24XPAlum.Cathedral2003-05SUV
5.3LLM7LM7 Upgrade GuideLM7 Engine Specs24XTIronCathedral1999-07Truck/SUV
5.3LL59L59 Upgrade GuideL59 Engine Specs24XZIronCathedral2002-07Truck/SUV
5.3LL33L33 Upgrade GuideL33 Engine Specs24XBAlum.Cathedral2005-07Truck
5.7LLS1LS1 Upgrade GuideLS1 Engine Specs24XGAlum.Cathedral1997-04F body/C5/GTO
5.7LLS6LS6 Upgrade GuideLS6 Engine Specs24XSAlum.Cathedral2001-05 C5 Z06/CTS-V
6.0LLQ4LQ4 Upgrade GuideLQ4 Engine Specs24XUIronCathedral1999-07Truck
6.0LLQ9LQ9 Upgrade GuideLQ9 Engine Specs24XNIronCathedral2002-07Truck

Gen. IV LS Engine Upgrade Guides & Specs (2005-Present)

Gen IV LS & Vortech Engines
DisplacementEngine CodeLS Engine Upgrade GuideLS Engine Spec GuideReluctorVIN (8th Digit)BlockHeadGen IV YearsVehicle
4.8LL20L20 Upgrade GuideL20 Engine Specs58XAIronCathedral2010-17Truck/Van
4.8LLY2LY2 Upgrade GuideLY2 Engine Specs58XCIronCathedral2007-09Truck
5.3LLY5LY5 Upgrade GuideLY5 Engine Specs58XJIronCathedral2007-09Truck/SUV
5.3LLC9LC9 Upgrade GuideLC9 Engine Specs58X3 or 7Alum.Cathedral2007-14Truck/SUV
5.3LLH6LH6 Upgrade GuideLH6 Engine Specs24X/58XMAlum.Cathedral2005-09SUV
5.3LLH8LH8 Upgrade GuideLH8 Engine Specs58XLAlum.Cathedral2008-09Truck/SUV
5.3LLH9LH9 Upgrade GuideLH9 Engine Specs58XPAlum.Cathedral2010-12Truck
5.3LLMFLMF Upgrade GuideLMF Engine Specs58X4IronCathedral2010-14Vans
5.3LLMGLMG Upgrade GuideLMG Engine Specs58X0IronCathedral2007-14Truck/SUV
5.3LLS4LS4 Upgrade GuideLS4 Engine Specs24X/58XCAlum.Cathedral2005-09FWD car
6.0LLS2 (Car)LS2 (Car) Upgrade GuideLS2 (Car) Engine Specs24X/58XUAlum.Cathedral2005-2007Corvette/GTO/CTS-V
6.0LLS2 (Truck)LS2 (Truck) Upgrade GuideLS2 (Truck) Engine Specs24X/58XHAlum.Cathedral2005-06, 2007-09SSR/TBSS, TBSS/9-7X Aero
6.0LL76 (Car)L76 (Car) Upgrade GuideL76 (Car) Engine Specs58XYAlum.Rectangle2008-10Pontiac G8
6.0LL76 (Truck)L76 (Truck) Upgrade GuideL76 (Truck) Engine Specs58XYAlum.Rectangle2007-09Truck/SUV
6.0LL77L77 Upgrade GuideL77 Engine Specs58X2Alum.Rectangle2011-17Caprice PPV, Holden VE2/VF
6.0LL96L96 Upgrade GuideL96 Engine Specs58XGIronRectangle2010-17Truck/SUV/Van
6.0LL98L98 Upgrade GuideL98 Engine Specs58XN/AAlum.Rectangle2007-08Holden
6.0LLC8LC8 Upgrade GuideLC8 Engine Specs58XBIronRectangle2011-16CNG fuel
6.0LLFALFA Upgrade GuideLFA Engine Specs58X5Alum.Cathedral2008-09Hybrid Truck/SUV
6.0LLY6LY6 Upgrade GuideLY6 Engine Specs58XK/NIronRectangle2007-14Truck/SUV/Van
6.0LLZ1LZ1 Upgrade GuideLZ1 Engine Specs58XJAlum.Cathedral2010-13Hybrid/Truck/SUV
6.2LL92L92 Upgrade GuideL92 Engine Specs58X8Alum.Rectangle2007-08SUV
6.2LL94L94 Upgrade GuideL94 Engine Specs58XFAlum.Rectangle2010-14SUV
6.2LL99L99 Upgrade GuideL99 Engine Specs58XJAlum.Rectangle2010-15Camaro (auto)
6.2LL9HL9H Upgrade GuideL9H Engine Specs58X2Alum.Rectangle2009-14Truck/SUV
6.2LLS3LS3 Upgrade GuideLS3 Engine Specs58XWAlum.Rectangle2008-17Performance Cars, C6 Grand Sport
6.2LLSALSA Upgrade GuideLSA Engine Specs58XPAlum.Rectangle2008-15CTS-V, 5th Gen ZL-1
6.2LLS9LS9 Upgrade GuideLS9 Engine Specs58XTAlum.Rectangle2009-13Corvette ZR-1
7.0LLS7LS7 Upgrade GuideLS7 Engine Specs58XEAlum.Square2006-15C6 Z06, Camaro Z28
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  1. How do you code the LS3/480 I purchased from The GM Performance Division ?

  2. Jeffery Fietz says:

    Have a 89 Chevrolet iroc Camaro with a 5.7 liter in it what would be the best swap,have a 700r4 automatic transmission

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  4. I have a 81 c/20 chevy truck 350c 400 turbo
    I am looking for a replacement 6 liter.

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  6. Kevin bowman says:

    I have a 94 Chevy cab in a half Dilley with a 454 and want to change to a LS motor what is the best one to buy.thanx K B

  7. 454 swap to LS motor in a 1994 Chevy dulley c3500 cab in a half long bed

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