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Ignition Timing 101: Vacuum Advance vs. Mechanical Advance

What’s the difference between vacuum advance and mechanical advance? Why do you need ignition advance in the first place? And can you really use vacuum advance in boosted applications? While […]

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Mailbag: How Much Compression is Too Much?

Q: I have a 383 stroker engine that’s making 525 horsepower and 450 foot-pounds of torque. I’m running a Trick Flow Super 23® top-end engine kit with a 9.1:1 compression […]

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Mailbag: How to Bring a Long-Idle Vehicle Back to Life

Q. I have a 1987 Monte Carlo SS with a 305 HO engine and an automatic transmission. Unfortunately, it’s been stored in my garage for over a decade. I would love to […]

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Video: How to Properly Place and Install an Oxygen Sensor

Thinking about swapping out your carburetor for an aftermarket EFI system? If so, there are sensors required to feed your ECU with the right information to help operate your EFI […]


Mailbag: Understanding Poly Locks & How to Adjust Them

Q: What is a poly lock, and how is it used? A: Essentially, a poly lock is an adjustable rocker arm nut used with stud mount rocker arms. Each poly […]

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3 Reasons to Upgrade to Tubular Control Arms

You hear about tubular control arms a lot these days when talking about performance suspension systems.  But is all the buzz really warranted? Are tubular control arms really worth your […]

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Milner Takes on Primered ’55 Chevy in Rematch! Our Movie Car Showdown Winner Is…

It probably had to come down to this. A Movie Car Showdown Finals Match-Ups between the iconic 1932 Ford from American Graffiti and the ’55 Chevy from Two-Lane Blacktop. Yes, […]

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Engine Building 101: How to Measure and Check Rod Bearing Clearance


Mailbag: What is Total Timing and How Do I Set it?

Q: What is total timing, and how do I set it on my engine? A: Total timing, which refers to the maximum amount of ignition timing applied to the engine, […]

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Video: Exploring COMP Cams’ New Low Shock Technology Camshafts

Over the years, automotive technology has rapidly grown more sophisticated thanks to ongoing advancements in engineering, manufacturing techniques, and research and design capabilities. Breakthroughs are happening all the time, and […]