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The Great Coverup: How Mechanic Grip Gloves Can Save The Day

True Story: More than a dozen years ago, I was sitting in an emergency clinic waiting for a doctor to stitch me up from a shop accident. He walked in, took […]

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Project White Lightning Update 1: Initial Suspension Upgrades for Summit Racing’s Tesla Model 3

Whether it’s gas, diesel, or electric, Summit Racing’s going to find a way to hot rod every vehicle it gets its hands on. So when Summit Racing introduced us to […]

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Air Head: How to Pick an Air Compressor for Your Shop

For most enthusiasts, having a supply of compressed air in the garage or shop is not a luxury—it’s a must-have, second only to electricity. The only folks who would question […]

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Flooring Hop-Up: Installing Race Deck Floor Tile

Hot rodders like to customize just about every aspect of their life, and the garage is certainly not immune. Summit Gifts, Clothing & Memorabilia understands this, and offers the Harley-Davidson® Interlocking […]

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Learning to Stitch: An Introduction to MIG Welding

  So you took (or are about to take) the plunge and got a MIG welder. Not only will you be able to make brackets, stitch together body panels, and […]

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Must-Have Tools for Servicing Dirt Bikes and ATVs

Having the right tools is critical to maintaining, repairing, and upgrading your quad or dirt bike. If you’re relatively new to riding, or looking to stock your garage with just […]

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Fall Tool Guide: 8 New Tools to Prep Your Garage for Wrenching Season

As the racing and cruise-in season begins to wind down throughout much of the United States, it’s about time to start thinking about outfitting your garage with everything you need to […]

How to Install an Air Compressor in Your Garage
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How to Install an Air Compressor in Your Garage

Elbow grease. It’s valuable stuff. That’s why professional mechanics and serious auto enthusiasts love their air tools; one squeeze of the trigger blows away all of the drill-it-/hammer-it-/shear-it-/sand-it-yourself muscle you […]

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How to Choose a Welder

As gearheads, we spend our fair share of time contemplating the important things: Ford vs. Chevy, carb’ed vs. fuel injected, skulls vs. flames. But if you’re shopping for a welder, […]