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Wire Works: When It Comes To Electrical Wire, The Right Mix Is Important

The wire you use to hook up electrical equipment in your car is important stuff. How important? We’d say it’s absolutely crucial. And if you don’t believe it, just ask […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Why is There Wet Engine Oil on My Spark Plug Threads?

I have a 355ci small block Chevy that was rebuilt about a year ago and we included a set of Edelbrock aluminum heads, a Comp flat tappet cam, and an […]

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What is EMI & RFI? And How Can You Stop Electric & Ignition Interference?

A little while ago, we ran a story that mentioned how some spark plugs use a built-in resistor to help suppress electrical interference, so that vehicle electronic components (like radios […]

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Mailbag: Why Does My New Vehicle’s Alternator Output Voltage Keep Fluctuating?

Q. I recently installed an aftermarket USB port with a digital voltage display in my newer Ford truck. I noticed my battery voltage varies significantly, between 12.9 and 14.1 volts, […]

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Video: Understanding Electrical Relays (& How to Install Them)

We talk about relays a lot around here. And that’s simply because they’re really, really handy in situations where you need to control the flow of power to your electrical […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: How to Connect a GM CS-130D Style Alternator in Place of an Original CS130

I have been looking for how to wire a CS-130D alternator in place of my CS-130. I came across your article on how to hook up a new alternator in […]

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Resistance is NOT Futile: Don’t Overlook the Ohm Values in Your Ignition System’s Spark Plugs & Boots

While we’ve covered resistance in spark plug wires before, the opportunity recently arose to talk about resistance in spark plugs and plug boots too. You may have read the earlier […]

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What is a Blower Motor Resistor? And How Can You Tell if Yours is Bad?

It all started during our drive to check out the Cavalcade of Customs in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was a bitterly cold day and we noticed that our vehicle’s cabin was […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Tracking Down a Phantom Battery Voltage Drain in a 1967 Chevy

I have a 1967 Nova that drains its battery if I leave the car sitting for more than a couple of days. I’d like to try to fix the problem […]

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The Lineman’s Splice: How to Make Reliable Electrical Connections in Your Vehicle’s Wiring Harness

Whether you’re retrofitting an EFI kit, replacing a crusty bulb socket, or installing a new stereo, if you work around cars long enough, you’ll eventually have to splice some wires. […]