Ever woken up to a dead battery that’s been mysteriously drained overnight by some phantom electrical gremlin?

The phenomenon is called parasitic electrical draw, and it can be caused by anything from moisture in a headlight to a wonky window switch. And while parasitic loss can be a frustrating issue to diagnose and troubleshoot, the battery experts at Go Lithium have some handy tips that’ll help you determine if your vehicle is suffering parasitic electrical loss and, better yet, how to begin fixing it.

And all you’ll need to get started is an ordinary electrical multimeter, set to read DC voltage.

View of an electrical multimeter testing a vehicle battery voltage
(Image/The Go Lithium YouTube Channel)

Given that the folks at Go Lithium have a specific expertise in 16 volt racing batteries, it’s no surprise that’s what we see in this video—but the basic battery diagnostic and testing process seen here apply to a typical 12 volt car/truck battery as well.

So if you’re tired of struggling with strange voltage loss in your car or truck battery, this quick video from Go Lithium can help you solve it. Check it out below: