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Tools Under $30 Gift Guide: Soldering Irons & Soldering Guns

Whether it’s for a holiday or birthday, this Tools Under 30 Dollars Gift Guide Series shows you important, yet somewhat uncommon, tools that any gearhead would want. Today, let’s talk about Soldering […]

Product Profiles

Parts Bin: Replace Your Leaky, Cracked, or Otherwise Busted Exhaust Manifolds with OE-Spec Ones from Dorman

Exhaust manifolds put up with a lot, including vibration, heat cycling, and constant pressure pulses. So it’s no surprise that after thousands upon thousands of miles, they can develop cracks […]

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2021 Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Cyber Savings Week Deals at Summit Racing

The folks over at Summit Racing have just unveiled their special Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Cyber Savings Week Deals for 2021, and there’s an impressive lineup of parts, tools, […]

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Parts Bin: Add an Adjustable Rev Limiter to Your GM HEI Distributor with a Module from Summit Racing

Running a stock GM HEI distributor on your engine? Then Summit Racing’s got a handy Digital GM High Energy Module that lets you add an adjustable rev limiter to it. […]

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Haulin’ Happy: A Gift Guide for the Truck or SUV Fan on Your Shopping List

When it comes to things people like, the pickup truck nestles right in between blue jeans and apple pie. So there’s an excellent chance you’ve got at least one truck […]

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Parts Bin: Bulletproof Hitches’ Extreme Duty Drop/Rise Hitches Make Towing with a Lifted Truck Easy

Trailers come in all shapes and sizes and, duh, so do the trucks that tow them. So if you’ve got an odd trailer configuration, or a lifted or lowered truck, […]

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Gear Up! A Jeep Gift Guide for the 4×4 Fan on Your Shopping List

“Jeep people” are a special breed—folks who don’t mind muddy tires, a mild sunburn, and a pair of damp socks. Problem is, what makes Jeep folks so unique, also makes […]

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Parts Bin: Coverlay Dash Covers & Door Panels Give Your Car, Truck, or SUV’s Interior a Factory-Spec Facelift

Our vehicle interiors put up with a lot, and things like sun fade, spilled coffee, and overexcited pets can quickly do a number on your dashboard, armrests, and door panels. […]

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Jeep’s Now Got Its Own Graphic Studio for Folks Who Want to Customize Their Wranglers & Gladiators

The Jeep Wrangler has always been about personalization. In many ways, folks see the iconic 4×4 as a blank canvas that can be tailored to their own individual tastes and […]

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Parts Bin: Stiffen Your Fox Body Mustang’s Chassis for Better Handling, with Help from Detroit Speed

The Fox Body (1979 to 1993) Ford Mustang has been the go-to choice for racers for decades now—but when you start adding power and tossing it into corners, you’ll probably […]