Most of you are probably familiar with the typical spin-on oil filter—those handy can-shaped filters have been the industry standard for decades.

But before those spin-ons appeared, cartridge-style filters were the norm and, for whatever reason, they’re starting to make a comeback nowadays.

In addition to some Japanese and European imports, we’ve seen cartridge filters pop up on domestics too, particularly on the Ford EcoBoost V6 in the Bronco and F-150, and the Pentastar V6 found in a lot of Jeep, Dodge, and Ram vehicles.

a pair of oil filters on concrete
Tested and proven, spin-on oil filters like these have plenty of upside, so converting from a cartridge-style filter can make a ton of sense. (Image/OnAllCylinders)

Problem is, cartridge filters typically don’t have that all-important anti-drainback valve that keeps oil up in your engine when you shut it off, so it’s ready to provide vital lubrication during the first precious seconds when you start the motor again.

Yet, quality spin-on oil filters do.

So a lot of gearheads are eager to convert their cartridge filter to a traditional spin-on type—and the lubrication experts at Baxter Performance can help you do exactly that.

baxter performance oil filter adapter converter
(Image/Baxter Performance)

Cartridge-to-Spin-On Oil Filter Adapters from Baxter Performance let you easily convert to a spin-on type oil filter, giving you the ability to run an oil filter with that crucial anti-drainback valve to protect your engine internals.

A filter adapter from Baxter Performance has other benefits as well:

  • Provides proper oil pressure to ensure cam chain tensioners and variable valve timing systems operate properly
  • Reduces engine noise during startup
  • Increases oil capacity
  • Linear check valve provides full oil flow at all RPM
  • Schrader valve evacuates oil for mess-free oil changes and backflows oil through the oil pump pickup tube screen to dislodge contaminants and debris prior to draining
  • Viton® seals for secure and reliable sealing
  • Machined from billet aluminum and anodized black for corrosion protection
Baxter Performance adapters for the Pentastar V6 have a locking mechanism that keeps the adapter from moving when installing or removing filters, while top-mounted filter adapters contain a check valve to prevent air from entering the system. (Image/Baxter Performance)

And spin-on filters have other advantages too—like easy install and cleanup, and the potential for better filter availability at your friendly local auto parts store.

So yeah, if converting to a spin-on filter sounds good to you, Baxter Performance Cartridge-to-Spin-On Oil Filter Adapters are available for many popular applications, including these: