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Video: How to Bench Bleed a Brake Master Cylinder

If you need to replace or install a brake master cylinder, you’re going to have to “bench bleed” it before bolting the assembly to your firewall. That’s because, due to […]

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Photo Gallery: Goodguys Nationals in Columbus, Ohio

The Goodguys Rod & Custom Association held its annual national event in Columbus, Ohio last weekend. It is one of the marquee events of the Goodguys season, drawing in hundreds […]

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Video: How to Avoid Coolant Contamination

Contaminated coolant is a leading cause of premature water pump failure and poor cooling efficiency. Contaminated coolant can contain particles/debris (including chunks of excess gasket material) that will clog coolant […]

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Video: How to Use a Multimeter to Measure Electrical Current

Current is a critical component of any electrical system. In basic terms, current is the flow of electricity. It is quantified in amperage, with “amps” being the unit of measure. […]

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Video: How to Degree a Camshaft Using a Degree Wheel

Properly degreeing a camshaft is an essential aspect of building a performance engine. While, on paper, it seems like you’d be able to simply adhere to the manufacturer’s pre-stamped markings […]

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Video: How to Prep & Clean Mating Surfaces for Leak-Free Gasket Installation

The best gasket in the world won’t seal worth a hoot if your mating surfaces aren’t properly cleaned and prepared beforehand. But, while a lot of how-tos out there include […]

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Photo Gallery: American Truck Historical Society National Convention & Truck Show

Vintage commercial trucks, semis, and tractor-trailers are an incredible subset of the automotive hobby. Just like any classic vehicle, these heavy-haulers, 18-wheelers, and big rigs ooze style with a healthy dose […]

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Video: How to Detect a Failing Vacuum Pump

Your car or truck relies on engine vacuum for a lot of applications, on things ranging from HVAC doors and pop-up headlights to critical vehicle systems like your power brakes […]

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Video: How to Check and Clean Electrical Grounds in Vehicles

Bad electrical grounds are one of the most common causes of electrical component problems. Bad grounds can cause intermittent performance, weak/dim lights, poor starting, bad sensor feedback, weak ignition, and […]

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Video: Warm Weather Driving Tips to Avoid an Overheating Engine

Warmer ambient air temperatures put additional strain on your vehicle’s cooling system. If you’re doing a lot of driving in a hot climate, there are some easy inspections that you […]