It may sound obvious that, when installing or retrofitting a Tremec transmission, its input shaft must be perfectly aligned with the engine’s crankshaft. Yet, for a variety of reasons, this facet is often overlooked on a lot of transmission jobs.

The good news is, making sure that you’ve got the proper concentric alignment for your transmission bellhousing is a relatively straightforward process and, better still, the gearbox gang with Bowler Performance Transmissions will show you how it’s done.

man explaining a transmission install in professional garage shop
(Image/The Bowler Performance Transmissions YouTube Channel)

The video will give you a good walkthrough of some of the common bellhousing designs you’ll come across, as well as some key measurements you’ll need to make. You’ll learn about the importance of things like bellhousing orientation and flywheel runout as well—so when it’s time to drop-in your Tremec transmission, these tips will provide years of happy shifting.

At close to 15 minutes long, this video doesn’t gloss over the details either, which means it’s packed with plenty of vital tidbits to help your Tremec retrofit or swap go smoothly.