Mailbag: Curing Misfire in a 396-Powered ’68 Camaro

Q: I have a 1968 Camaro with a 396 engine that’s .030″ over and has a port-matched Edelbrock Air-Gap intake manifold, 750 cfm carburetor, and an MSD 6AL ignition control, […]

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Project Firebolt: The LSX Turbo Tacoma (Part 4): The Teardown

I’ve put this job off as long as I could. While this 2.4 liter automatic Tacoma’s acceleration is painfully slow, I was enjoying doing truck stuff with it. Hauling lumber, […]


Mailbag: Budget-Friendly Head & Cam for SBC Build

Q: I have a 1978 Chevy 350 with a 4-bolt main that I started as a project about four years ago. My son is really starting to get into cars, […]


Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: How to Set Up an Advance Curve Without a Distributor Machine

I’m in the process of tuning up the HEI distributor in my 350 small-block Chevy. The engine has a mild cam. My understanding is that to re-curve my distributor it […]

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Project Firebolt Q&A: Get Background, Insight and Other Info on Tom Tharp’s Latest Project

Why did Tom Tharp of Tom’s Turbo Garage go with an LS engine instead of a Toyota 2JZ for his Project Firebolt Tacoma? Where does he get his ideas for […]


Mailbag: Recommending Parts for Swapping a 440 into an ’87 Dodge Pickup

Q: I have a 1987 Dodge ½ ton pickup with a 360, and this old kid’s really hoping to reach 425-450 horsepower. As luck would have it, I happen to […]


Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: What Those Nitrous Bottle Codes Mean & Why They Matter

What does this code on my nitrous bottle signify? — M.A. Jeff Smith: The stamp on your bottle represents the date it was certified—in your case December 2017. Each nitrous […]

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Rutledge Wood Porsche 911 Carrera Update: MOAR Power, New Color

If you’re like us, your project cars usually up being different from what you originally envisioned. Such is the case with Rutledge Wood’s 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera. Sure, it will […]

Tech Projects

Project Firebolt: The LSX Turbo Tacoma (Part 3): Engine Mods & Reassembly

After a thorough clean up and inspection of our 5.3 V8, it’s time to build it back up with a big, beautiful shopping cart full of new parts. Our work […]

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The Fox Body That Could: BMR Racing’s Mustang Takes on BMWs and Porsches in American Endurance Racing

It’s fun to root for the underdog. It’s even more fun to help the underdog win a few. Summit Racing and PowerNation TV’s Engine Power have teamed up with BMR […]