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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Fixes for a Poor-Shifting GM 700-R4 Automatic Transmission on a Carbureted 383 SBC

I’ve got a 700-R4 in my Chevy C10 pickup behind a typical 383ci small-block Chevy. The engine runs fine with a set of Edelbrock heads and Performer RPM intake and […]

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Should Centrifugal Clutch Pressure Play a Big Role When Selecting a Clutch for Your Street Car?

RAM Clutches recently posted an article on centrifugal clutch pressure on its blog, and the info was so good that we wanted to share a bit of it here. You […]

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Video: How to Flip the Shifter Position on a Tremec TKO & Magnum Transmission

It’s tough to argue that the Tremec TKO and Magnum five- and six-speeds are really popular manual transmission retrofits for a wide range of classic muscle cars. But beyond their […]

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Installing a Transmission Fluid Cooler? Read This Before Hooking Up Your Lines & Assembling Custom Hoses

If you want to install a transmission fluid cooler, finding a spot to bolt it up is probably going to be the easy part. You’ll still need a way to […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Advice on Swapping a 4.8L LR4 LS Engine & 4L60E Trans into a 1969 Firebird

I have a 1969 Firebird that I’m swapping in a 2002 LR4 4.8L LS engine from a GMC Sierra pickup. I have the mechanical swap parts for mounting the engine […]

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So Now What? 5 Things You Should Absolutely Do on Day 1 of Owning Your New Classic/Project Car

This story is a follow up to our earlier article: 10 Easy Things You Need to Look for When Inspecting a Vintage, Classic, or Collectible Car Before a Purchase You […]

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Parts Bin: Make Your Transmission Swap Go Smoothly with a Summit Racing Adjustable Transmission Mount

No driveline conversion is ever a cut and dry affair. In fact, many transmission swaps are often stymied by a few measly inches. Yet given how important the proper fitment […]

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What is a Wheel Bearing & How Can You Tell if Yours is Going Bad?

A wheel bearing has a real simple job: It makes sure that your wheel spins freely, without any binding or vibration. A wheel bearing’s goal is to mitigate the effects […]

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Gear Jammers: How Different Driveline Combinations Affect Your Gearing Selection

Back in the day, the common way to select rear end gears for a car was downright simple: In an automatic, whatever ratio was in the transmission, was in the […]

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Big Inches & Big Power: A Simulated Look at Maximizing Acceleration with Chevy Performance’s ZZ632 Big Block

The big news in Bowtie land these days is Chevrolet Performance’s monster ZZ632 tall-deck big-block crate engine that can make 1,004 hp on 93 octane gasoline. Everybody is buzzed about […]