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Guide: How Basic Cooling System Troubleshooting Led to a Radiator Swap That Fixed an Overheating Issue

For years, the engine temperature in our Jeep CJ-5 had a pesky tendency to climb whenever we stopped for a few moments. Once we got moving again though, temps went […]

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Easy Power Plays for 4.6 3V Mustangs (Part 1): A 20 Minute Meziere Electric Water Pump Upgrade & 2007-10 Cooling System Swap

Everyone loves easy power plays, especially the ones that offer noticeable returns for little effort and investment. The right tricks can even make more power to wheels without actually the […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Fitting an Electric Fan Conversion in a Big Block-Swapped 1966 Chevelle

I’m trying to help out a friend with a ‘66 Chevelle project. It has a big block with a six speed in it. I think it was a small block […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Picking the Best Antifreeze for an Older Vehicle

I have a ’90 Chevy pickup that is rarely driven but has been stored in my heated garage for several years. I have a new project that will force this […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Diagnosing a Chevy 454 That’s Getting Water in its Oil

I have a 454 big block Chevy that I purchased from a guy online. It looked good, we pulled the valve covers and it had a hydraulic roller cam and […]

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Alex Taylor “Quest for the Sixes” Update: Building and Mounting a Methanol Tank…Over the Radiator?

If you have ever been around ’55 Chevys you know how little space is under the hood. Throw in a twin-turbo big block Chevy, and space is even at more […]

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Video: Why You Should Use a Block Heater with Your Diesel Engine in Cold Weather

If you live in an area that endures freezing cold temperatures every winter, you probably already know the toll that bitter cold takes on your engine—and that’s especially true if […]

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Mailbag: Why Do I Need to Use Antifreeze?

Q: Why do I need to use antifreeze? … A: The fluid you use in your engine’s cooling system can affect its performance. For most vehicles, a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and […]

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Mailbag: How Do Thermostats Work Within a Cooling System?

In a liquid cooled engine, the thermostat is a valve installed between the water pump and the radiator. It controls when the radiator starts to cool the engine. It’s job is to […]

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Mailbag: Can I Remove the Cooling Fan Shroud?

Q: Can I remove the fan shroud on my cooling fan? … A: It might seem like it’s just in the way, but the fan shroud plays an important role in the […]