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OnAllCylinders covers all-things automotive. Learn what you can expect in a given episode…from celebrity interviews to tech, trends, car features, and more!

Jay Leno joins us to talk about his car and motorcycle collection, life during the pandemic, electric vehicles, and more!

In our first installment of our “What Makes this Car Great” series, we look at the Mustang Fox-body–the car that was instrumental in keeping the high performance scene going in the 1980s.

NHRA rookie Pro Stock driver is coming off his first career NHRA win and is leading a young field of up-and-coming Pro Stock drivers. We talked to Dallas just prior to his first race and then again after his big win!

There was already a lot to like about the 1961 Pontiac Ventura Sport Coupe that we spotted on one of the turntables in Summit Racing’s Tallmadge, Ohio Retail Super Store. But when we heard the story behind this particular Ventura, we liked it a lot more. As it turns out, the car was a surprise Father’s Day gift for Keith Blowers’ dad, Robert. Hear the full story of the build…and the Father’s Day surprise!

Drag racing icon “Big Daddy” Don Garlits discusses his legendary career, how he got started in drag racing, regrets, and the future of drag racing!

Vintage Air’s Rick Love joins us to talk automotive air conditioning–specifically A/C for hot rods and classic vehicles. Rick shares tips for choosing an air conditioning system, offers advice troubleshooting issues and installation challenges, and provides insight into the installation process.

Owner/builder Jim Oddy and driver Fred Hahn had legendary careers in Pro Modified drag racing. With their passion and love for drag racing, you knew they would never truly retire from the sport, and now the duo is back at the track. Find out what they’re up to now and reminisce with them about their iconic careers on the dragstrip.

From parts counter saleseman and machinist, to Hot Rod Magazine Editor In Chief and Roadkill host, to member of the Bonneville 200 MPH Club, David Freiburger has worked and played in the automotive world practically his whole life. Join us for a conversation with David about his hobby and career–past, present and future!

Karting is a serious endeavor, and counts Danica Patrick, Juan Pablo Montoya, and a host of other top-tier race drivers among its alumni roster. In fact, Karting is essentially a feeder system for a lot of professional motorsports organizations. (But plenty of drivers simply race recreationally too.) To get the inside scoop on Karting, we sat down with Kevin Williams, President of the World Karting Association—the premier organization for Go-Kart racing.

Hear the harrowing story behind Matt Maier’s overlanding Toyota Tacoma, the overlanding truck he built twice! Plus, get a few tips for getting started in the world of overlanding!

Did you know there are over 7,300 variables that go into choosing the right stall speed for your torque converter? You don’t need to know all of them. That’s what Nelson Gill and his team at Boss Hog Torque Converters/ACC Performance are here for. Nelson and the Boss Hog crew are experts in all-things torque converters, whether it’s stall speed, converter size…or just the best way to build a torque converter. In our latest podcast episode, Nelson basically provides a stall speed 101 course and covers some of the torque converter lines from Boss Hog.

John Grounds of Proving Grounds Racing covers the unique challenges of Ultra4 Racing, including competing in the grueling King of the Hammers event. From desert racing to maneuverability to rock crawling, Ultra4 requires a distinct combination of vehicle building and driving skills. And anyone can get involved! John shares his experience coming up through the ranks and offers advice for anyone looking to get started.

We talk all-things Studebaker with Studebaker owner and aficionado Malcolm Berry. A current owner of seven Studebakers, Malcolm’s knowledge and love affair with Studebakers goes back to the 1960s. Learn more about what makes these cars so unique and loveable in this episode.

Chevrolet Performance is bringing the ZZ632/1000 to SEMA this year. Chevrolet Performance’s Bill Martens joins the podcast to provide some insight into Chevrolet Performance’s most powerful crate engine ever!

Mike Copeland, CEO of Arrington Performance, has been involved in some key engine innovations and concept cars during his career. In this episode, he takes us behind the scenes of some of his most memorable projects, including notable hits and misses. If you love engine tech, you’ll love this episode!


Cleetus McFarland has become one of the biggest automotive performance personalities. From his popular YouTube videos to his on-track success, unique builds and fantastic events at his own track, Freedom Factory, Cleetus always has something going on. But who is the real Cleetus McFarland? And how did he come to be? We get the story behind the rise Cleetus McFarland and talk about some of his legendary project vehicles…and even get some advice for aspiring automotive social media personalities.

Whether it’s for recreational purposes, like camping or overlanding, or to build a mobile worksite, a vehicle auxiliary power system can be a real game changer. In this episode, we talk with the experts at REDARC about some of the key things to consider when setting up an auxiliary power system.

The voice of NHRA drag racing speaks with Summit Racing! From announcing at races, to NHRA TV segments, to his engaging articles (including his work founding BangShift.com), Brian Lohnes has become synonymous with motorsports journalism for many fans. And he’s seen a thing or two along way! Hear Brian’s unique insight, along with memories from past races and events!

Five-time NHRA Pro Stock World Champion Greg Anderson joins us. Even by Greg’s standards, the 2021 season was monumental as he won his fifth championship and broke the NHRA record for Pro Stock wins, surpassing the legendary Warren Johnson. Greg looks back at 2021 and ahead to 2022. What does he see on the horizon for himself, the Pro Stock class, and NHRA in general? Listen in!

Thinking of getting your start in drag racing? Or maybe you’re looking to up your drag racing game? Frank Hawley, owner of the Frank Hawley Drag Racing School, has been instrumental in helping the careers of big name professional drag racers. And he’s accumulated some awesome stories along the way. We catch up with Frank and reflect on his racing and instructing careers and learn about what it’s like to instruct today and tomorrow’s drag racing stars.


Engine Power hosts Pat Topolinski and Frankie Forman get to build engines for a living. And they get to do it for an audience as part of PowerNation’s Power Block. Sounds awesome, right? Well it is…except there’s much more to it than people realize. So what happens behind the scenes when the cameras are off? What much time really goes into each project? And are there certain projects that stand out above the others? Pat and Frankie share insight into a day in the life of a TV host/engine builder and provide some background on how they got to where they are today.

As seen on YouTube, Instagram…and events across the country! Alex Taylor has quickly become a familiar face at Drag and Drive events like Sick Week and the Summit Racing Midwest Drags. She’s also participated in Motor Trend events and raced with Cleetus McFarland at the Freedom Factory. Yes, she’s relatively new to the hot rodding and racing scenes, but she’s been around cars all of her life and grew up in the shop helping her dad, Dennis Taylor. And she had probably the coolest car in her high school parking lot!