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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Lobe Separation Angle (LSA) Specs—What Does a Plus Sign (+) Mean?

I’ve been looking at cam specs for the Summit Racing Pro LS Truck camshafts and I have a question. I’ve noticed that many of the specs now list the lobe […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Advice on Swapping a 4.8L LR4 LS Engine & 4L60E Trans into a 1969 Firebird

I have a 1969 Firebird that I’m swapping in a 2002 LR4 4.8L LS engine from a GMC Sierra pickup. I have the mechanical swap parts for mounting the engine […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Should I Hone the Cylinder Walls on a 5.3L LS with 200K Miles Before My Rebuild?

I have a used 5.3L LS truck engine that I’d like to swap into an earlier Chevy pickup. The engine was running when it was pulled out of a wrecked […]

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Video: How to Choose the Right Valve Springs for Your Engine

For as important as they are, there can be some confusion when it’s time to choose the right valve springs for an engine. That’s probably because there are so many […]

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Orientation Session: Your Fuel Filter’s Position May Impact How Your Engine & Carburetor Perform

Older cars and trucks are often packed with ingeniously simple solutions to potentially big problems. And we got reminded of that recently when it was time to replace the fuel […]

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Fully Primed: Not All Electric Fuel Pumps Are Created Equal

Electric fuel pumps are, for the most part, standard equipment in drag racing. Ditto with fuel injected applications. But a lot of carbureted street cars use them too. Fair enough, […]

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Project 1,000: Follow Along as Summit Racing Builds a 1,000 Horsepower, Twin-Turbo 6.0L LS Engine

OK, so 20 years ago, if you told someone you could hit 1,000 horsepower without a top-tier racing R&D team in your back pocket, you’d probably get laughed at. Nowadays […]

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The Serpentine Belt Wrench: An Unsung Hero Tool for Swapping Belts in a Cramped Engine Bay

In our experience, swapping out a serpentine belt goes one of two ways: It’s either an easy job done in a few minutes while you’re chatting with your pals… …or […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Some Good, Mild Performance Upgrades to a Direct-Injection Chevy Gen. V 5.3L LT Engine

I am rebuilding a 2014 L83 5.3L engine for my Silverado pickup and I’m considering making some changes to improve the performance slightly. I have looked into adding larger fuel […]

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Taking The Sting Out of Damaged Threads

We’ve all been there at one time or another—tightening a fastener to specifications, only the specified torque is never reached. That unsettling feeling of a stripped thread. For most of […]