Behold Project 1,000: A 1,000 horsepower 6.0L LS engine build using off-the-shelf parts. (Image/Summit Racing)

OK, so 20 years ago, if you told someone you could hit 1,000 horsepower without a top-tier racing R&D team in your back pocket, you’d probably get laughed at.

Nowadays though, 1,000 hp isn’t the mythical number it used to be.

And to prove it, the Summit Racing tech experts are putting together a 6.0L LS engine to hit that mark—using bits they’ve plucked right from their catalog of Pro LS engine parts. Better still, they’re filming the whole thing, so you can follow along as the engine build evolves.

You may also want to check out Summit Racing’s extensive Engine Building 101 Video Series to get a closer look at the tools and techniques they’re using to assemble Project 1,000.

At the heart of the build is a pair of Summit Racing’s new turbochargers, being fed into a 6.0L LS block from Chevrolet Performance. The rotating assembly, camshaft, and cylinder heads have all been meticulously spec’d out too.

While the project is far from over, here’s a partial parts list for the build at this point:

Watch the intro video below to get your first look at Project 1,000. Then come back for updates to see if the Summit Racing team hits its goal.