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Paul is the editor of OnAllCylinders. When he's not writing, you'll probably find him fixing oil leaks in a Jeep CJ-5 or watching a 1972 Corvette overheat. An avid motorcyclist, he spends the rest of his time synchronizing carburetors and cleaning chain lube off his left pant leg.

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So Now What? 5 Things You Should Absolutely Do on Day 1 of Owning Your New Classic/Project Car

This story is a follow up to our earlier article: 10 Easy Things You Need to Look for When Inspecting a Vintage, Classic, or Collectible Car Before a Purchase You […]

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Orientation Session: Your Fuel Filter’s Position May Impact How Your Engine & Carburetor Perform

Older cars and trucks are often packed with ingeniously simple solutions to potentially big problems. And we got reminded of that recently when it was time to replace the fuel […]

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What is a Wheel Bearing & How Can You Tell if Yours is Going Bad?

A wheel bearing has a real simple job: It makes sure that your wheel spins freely, without any binding or vibration. A wheel bearing’s goal is to mitigate the effects […]

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What is EMI & RFI? And How Can You Stop Electric & Ignition Interference?

A little while ago, we ran a story that mentioned how some spark plugs use a built-in resistor to help suppress electrical interference, so that vehicle electronic components (like radios […]

Engine & Exhaust / Tech Projects

The Serpentine Belt Wrench: An Unsung Hero Tool for Swapping Belts in a Cramped Engine Bay

In our experience, swapping out a serpentine belt goes one of two ways: It’s either an easy job done in a few minutes while you’re chatting with your pals… …or […]

Car Culture & Entertainment

2022 Marks the 120 Year Anniversary of Triumph Motorcycles & to Celebrate It’s Displaying the First One Ever Built

Most U.S. gearheads know the name Triumph thanks to Hollywood in the 1950s and 60s. That’s because Triumph motorcycles were popular on-screen rides in many famous films—Marlon Brando rode a […]

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Our Top 10 Favorite Automotive Green Paint Colors

Perhaps no other color is as nuanced as the humble shade of green. From eyeball-searing fluorescents to earthy flats, green occupies an astoundingly large palette in the automotive world. So […]

Car Culture & Entertainment

Pancho González: How a Tennis Superstar & a Caddy-Powered Dragster Help Fuel the 1950s SoCal Racing Scene

Even a casual tennis fan will undoubtedly recognize the name Richard “Pancho” González. During a tennis career that stretched from the late 1940s to the early 1970s, González racked up […]

Shows and Events

Photo Gallery: As Warmer Weather Arrives, Cars & Coffee Events Return

It’s a bold move to schedule a Cars & Coffee event in early March around here. Chances are good that you’ll be greeted by sub-40 degree temperatures, along with some […]

Ignition & Electrical / Tech Articles

Resistance is NOT Futile: Don’t Overlook the Ohm Values in Your Ignition System’s Spark Plugs & Boots

While we’ve covered resistance in spark plug wires before, the opportunity recently arose to talk about resistance in spark plugs and plug boots too. You may have read the earlier […]