Today’s the day! After months (maybe years?) of work, you’re finally heading to the chassis or engine dyno to see how much power you’re putting down…

…but before you anxiously await that magic horsepower number to pop up on the dyno screen, there are a few really, really important things to inspect on your engine and vehicle first, to ensure that your dyno day is both fun and worthwhile.

For those key points, we turn to the engine tuning aces over at Haltech.

mechanic examining an engine
(Image/The Haltech YouTube Channel)

Haltech burst onto the scene a while back, propelled by its versatile and reliable engine management systems, but the company makes a robust mix of other electrical components too, including sensors, digital gauges, and wiring harnesses.

In other words, the Haltech folks spend a lot(!) of time in the dyno room, testing, tuning, and tweaking. So when they share their wisdom on dyno prep, our ears tend to perk up. From hose clamps to tires, this video will cover some key things to inspect before your glorious dyno run.

Check out the video below to get started:

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