A little while ago, we showed you a video from Mantic Clutch USA that explained what a hydraulic throwout bearing is.

Well, the gang from Mantic Clutch is back, and this time they’re showing you how to properly bleed a hydraulic throwout bearing. And that’s an important procedure to learn, as an improperly bled throwout bearing can cause a weird pedal feel or impair the clutch’s ability to engage and disengage.

(Image/The Mantic Clutch USA YouTube Channel)

The good news is, it’s a relatively straightforward job and, while the technique may be different, the principles behind the process are similar to traditional brake bleeding.

So if you’ve got an abnormal clutch pedal feel or if something seems awry in your clutch operation, a bubble in your throwout bearing’s hydraulic system may be the culprit. Learn how to fix it below: