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Mailbag: Choosing a New Clutch After Adding Power to Street-Strip Gen5 Camaro

Q: I am getting ready to add a supercharger, cylinder heads, and a hotter camshaft to my 2012 Chevy Camaro SS. It’s my daily driver that I also autocross and […]

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6 Great Ways to Experience Epic Clutch Installation Failure

The good people at RAM Clutches have been helping their customers properly install performance clutches for decades. But today, we’re going to share RAM Clutches’ top tips for setting up […]


Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Comparing Pedal Effort with Hydraulic vs. Mechanical Clutch Systems

Does a hydraulic system make the clutch pedal effort easier than a mechanical linkage? A friend of mine says the effort will be the same because all the force is […]

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How Modern Clutch Tech Like Hays 650 Series Affects Shifting and Pedal Feel

Some old habits die hard. That applies to many things, but certainly to hot rods and street/strip cars. Take the basic clutch for example: In the 1970s, the clutch package […]

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Video: What to Look for When Selecting a New Clutch for Your Vehicle

There’s much to consider when replacing or upgrading a clutch in your car or truck. Today’s video is going to clarify anything you might be confused about, and help you […]

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Video: How a Clutch Works

While it may be easy to see why a manual-transmission vehicle needs a clutch, understanding exactly how it works is something else entirely. But the gang at Learn Engineering is […]

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Clutch Clinic: Quick Guide to Diagnosing 8 Common Clutch Complaints

Few things bring smiles to the faces of hot rod enthusiasts like rowing through the gears of a manual-equipped car. Many folks still prefer the simple joy of stick shift driving over […]

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Video: How to Set Your Clutch’s Throwout Bearing Clearance

Quarter Master makes high performance racing clutches. Good ones. But no matter how good or well built a clutch may be, it can’t last long if the throwout bearing clearances […]

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Mailbag: Troubleshooting a Sticky Clutch Pedal

Q: My 1969 Roadrunner has a new diaphragm-style clutch. While shifting at high rpm, the clutch pedal sticks to the floor. When the engine speed decreases, the pedal comes back up. Can […]