There’s much to consider when replacing or upgrading a clutch in your car or truck. Today’s video is going to clarify anything you might be confused about, and help you identify everything you’ll need to know for selecting a new clutch for your vehicle that you’ll be happy with.

The things you’ll need to consider include:

  • The various styles of clutches.
  • Which flywheel to choose, and how to ensure it’s compatible with your clutch.
  • Important upgrades to the bellhousing.
  • Additional safety equipment that might be required.

In today’s video, Summit Racing tech adviser Carl Pritts is going to help you through all of these, and more.

Finding an effective and compatible clutch for a stock replacement is simple enough. It’s usually matching your vehicle make and model to a compatible clutch kit. But for any performance-related upgrade, there’s much more to consider.

You need to know your input shaft spline count and diameter, the necessary disc diameter, the type of flywheel, and which vehicle it will be going into before you begin.

If you’re shopping for a new clutch, but aren’t entirely sure what to do next, this video is for you.

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