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Video: Exploring COMP Cams’ New Low Shock Technology Camshafts

Over the years, automotive technology has rapidly grown more sophisticated thanks to ongoing advancements in engineering, manufacturing techniques, and research and design capabilities. Breakthroughs are happening all the time, and […]

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How to Set Up Inputs and Outputs on Holley Terminator X EFI (Video)

In today’s video, Ray from Holley Performance is going to take you through the steps of setting up your inputs and outputs to auxiliary components such as power fans, fuel […]

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Video: 4 Things to Know When Choosing a High-Amp Alternator

There are four things to know when considering whether to use a high-amp alternator. First, do you really need a high-output alternator? Most factory alternators are rated at 65 to […]

auto transmission fluid video - eric the car guy
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Video: How to Check Automatic Transmission Fluid

In today’s video, our friend Eric the Car Guy shows us the proper way to check automatic transmission fluid. Should the engine be running or shut off? Should the fluid […]

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Project Firebolt: The LSX Turbo Tacoma (Part 5): Engine Assembly & Test-Fit Time

In past updates we freshened up this LM7 V8 by installing a mix of quality replacement parts and Summit Racing‘s Pro LS Series high performance goodies to complement our turbocharged […]

clutch video - summit racing
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Video: What to Look for When Selecting a New Clutch for Your Vehicle

There’s much to consider when replacing or upgrading a clutch in your car or truck. Today’s video is going to clarify anything you might be confused about, and help you […]

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Video: How to Use a Multimeter to Measure Electrical Current

Current is a critical component of any electrical system. In basic terms, current is the flow of electricity. It is quantified in amperage, with “amps” being the unit of measure. […]

Summit Racing MAX-efi Fuel Injection System Install
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Video: Installing Summit Racing’s New MAX-efi 500 Fuel Injection System

Summit Racing’s new MAX-efi 500 Fuel Injection System handles up to 500 horsepower and is easy to install. How easy? See for yourself. Today’s video features Summit Racing tech adviser Carl […]

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Video: Comparing H-Pipe vs. X-Pipe Exhaust Systems and Which to Choose

H-pipe vs. X-pipe? Which crossover exhaust system design is better? That depends, but we’re going to try to help you make the best choice. Where does the H-pipe or X-pipe […]

comp cams timing chain double roller
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Video: A Quick Overview of Timing Sets

There are four basic types of timing sets, and each have different pros and cons attached to them. The timing set that will work best for you is largely dependent […]