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Video: Installing Summit Racing’s New MAX-efi 500 Fuel Injection System

Summit Racing’s new MAX-efi 500 Fuel Injection System handles up to 500 horsepower and is easy to install.

How easy? See for yourself.

Today’s video features Summit Racing tech adviser Carl Pritts walking you through the process of installing the Summit Racing-brand MAX-efi 500 Fuel Injection System on a 1968 Chevy Camaro with carbureted 383 cubic inch small block Chevy engine. The procedure is largely the same for any V8 engine, regardless of make (Ford, Chrysler, AMC, etc.).

The video will also give you a good idea of what fuel system modifications and plumbing will be necessary to retrofit an older carbureted vehicle with electronic fuel injection. Plus, you’ll see the few, easy programming steps required to properly tune the system.

The video is also chock full of helpful tips and important notes to make sure your fuel injection conversion will be successful.

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  1. Daniel Wilson says:

    Summit Racing is always my first “go to” source for the best of everything in the high performance automotive world. I’m just like thousands of other early muscle car owners that are contemplating the switch from carburetors to EFI on a highly modified V-8. Your installation video for the new MAX-efi 500 conversion system was excellent in presenting the details but I feel like the most important detail was missing. RESULTS !!!
    Before I invest in EFI, I would really like to see some before and after performance statistics from a chassis dyno or the drag strip. Summit has a great reputation in the hard core performance world and I was looking forward to a happy ending for the video. The test drive needed at least one WOT blast through a couple of shifts.

  2. Dave Poustie says:

    I hooked mine up two weeks ago works great ,highly recommend this system ,i put in in a 1975 Camaro 350 bored 20 over lumpy cam ,World 2 aluminum heads

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