There’s perhaps no worse sound for a mechanic to hear than that dreadful “skrrriiink!” of a socket wrench as it spins off a busted bolt head or stud. That’s because getting that broken fastener out is often either an hour setback or, depending on its location, a day-long debacle.

(Image/The Sikky Manufacturing YouTube Channel)

From shifter adapters to LS Swap kits, the folks at Sikky Manufacturing have been solving all sorts of automotive-related conundrums for years, so it’s no surprise to see that they’ve got a video that demonstrates how to use a bolt extractor to remove a busted header/manifold stud.

Even better, the engine’s still in the car for this demo video, so it’s a real world demonstration of how handy one of these little headache savers can be.

So if you want to see firsthand how a bolt or stud extractor can save your day, this video below from Sikky will show you exactly how to use it to remove a broken fastener in an engine bay.

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