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Parts Bin: AutoMeter Battery Extenders, Jumpstart Packs & Tire Pressure Gauges

Nowadays, it seems like our garages are crammed with daily drivers, project cars, riding mowers, and maybe even a motorcycle or ATV. So if you’re in charge of your own […]

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Parts Bin: Total Seal Gas Ported Piston Rings Improve Cylinder Sealing for More Power

Get the performance of a gas ported piston, without the wallet porting price. Total Seal offers the best of both worlds with its Gas Ported Piston Ring Sets. The rings […]

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Parts Bin: Summit Racing Pro LS Billet Adjustable Single-Roller Timing Chain Sets

Timing Chains are one of the most critical components in an engine. On one side you have the 57-pound crankshaft feeding near-instantaneous acceleration and deceleration loads from idle to redline. […]

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Parts Bin: Cold Case Radiators Silicone Hose Kit

While many radiator hose manufacturers use a three-ply design, Cold Case Radiators now offers a line of silicone radiator hose that uses a four-ply, 5mm thick design. That means higher […]

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Parts Bin: Davis Unified Ignition SOS Pentastar Coil Packs Deliver Added Juice

If you need more spark energy for V6-powered Mopar, send out for an SOS! No, not THAT kind of SOS. We’re talking about Davis Unified Ignition’s Sultan of Spark (SOS) […]

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Parts Bin: Guide to Zamp Racing Helmets for 2021

Here’s hoping for a better year in 2021…and with it, more opportunities to race. Zamp Racing is ready to meet all your head protection needs with a whole new lineup […]

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Parts Bin: Holley Terminator X Stealth EFI Systems for 4150-Style Manifolds

Got an intake manifold with a traditional 4150-style carburetor mounting flange? Then the Holley folks have made it really easy for you to bolt-on one of their Terminator X Stealth […]

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Video: Holley Sniper EFI Now Available for Autolite 1100-Equipped Vehicles

Convert your classic Autolite 1100 carburetor to EFI with Holley’s Sniper Autolite EFI Kit. Here’s what you’ll get for your efforts: Superior throttle response and WOT power over the carb. […]

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Parts Bin: Techflex Split-Braided Sleeving Delivers Versatile, Simple Heat Protection

Techflex F6 Split-Braided Sleeving provides outstanding heat protection for your cables, wires, and hoses. It’s available in two styles: flat mono-filament and woven construction. Built on the same design as […]

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Parts Bin: Hushmat Expands Its Line of Sound and Heat Deadening Products to 1970-81 Camaro/Firebirds

Few things can make a casual drive uncomfortable faster than excess cabin heat and noise from the road, exhaust, and engine. HushMat offers a wide range of thermal insulation and […]