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Parts Bin: Trick Flow’s R-Series Intake Manifold Delivers Optimal Airflow for Your Big Cube, Big Power SBC

Building a high power, big cube carbureted Small Block Chevy V8 that’ll spin up to 7,500 rpm? Well, the folks at Trick Flow Specialties have been hard at work, creating […]

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Parts Bin: Summit Racing Max Performance Carburetors are a Hassle-Free Route to Reliable Fuel Delivery

Carburetors have been around pretty much since the birth of the internal combustion engine and, believe it or not, folks are still finding ways to make them better. Case in […]

Induction / Product Profiles

Parts Bin: Hook Up the Hot Side of Your Turbo System with These Handy Tubing Fabrication Kits from Summit Racing

Thinking about building a custom turbocharger system for your engine? Well, in addition to offering its own wastegates, blowoff valves, and the turbos themselves, Summit Racing’s now making hot-side tubing […]

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Parts Bin: A Dorman OE-Spec Oil Pan is an Easy, Affordable Replacement for Your Damaged Original One

Given their proximity to the road (or trail) surface, oil pans see a lot of abuse. From rocks and branches, to that inexplicable shovel laying on the freeway, an errant […]

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Parts Bin: A Davies Craig Electric Water Pump & Fan Controller Combo Offers Efficient Engine Cooling Control

While retrofitting an electric water pump is a time-tested way to relieve stress from your accessory drive system and free up some horsepower, Davies Craig takes that approach and cranks […]

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Parts Bin: Recaro Speed V Seats Offer the Perfect Blend of Comfort, Style & Support

It’s easy to overlook the importance of a good, supportive seat. And that’s particularly true if you do any spirited driving or an occasional autocross in your daily driver. But […]

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Parts Bin: Make Your Transmission Swap Go Smoothly with a Summit Racing Adjustable Transmission Mount

No driveline conversion is ever a cut and dry affair. In fact, many transmission swaps are often stymied by a few measly inches. Yet given how important the proper fitment […]

Bully Dog BDX Tuner
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Parts Bin: Give Your Ride a Quick & Easy Performance Boost with a Bully Dog BDX Tuner

When it comes to getting more power from late-model gas and diesel vehicles, we put a lot of emphasis on tried-and-true upgrades like exhaust systems, performance headers, cold-air intakes, and […]

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Parts Bin: Radium’s Fuel Pulse Dampers Ensure Your High Performance Engine Gets Consistent, Stable Fuel Pressure

If you’ve modified your fuel system and are running an aftermarket fueling setup, then you may want to think about stepping up to a high performance fuel damper as well, […]

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Parts Bin: Summit Racing’s Performance Turbochargers are a Smart Path to Big Horsepower

It’s no secret that turbocharging a motor can produce massive horsepower gains. But as you might’ve guessed, adding a turbocharger system is a lot more nuanced than just slapping on […]