Nothing completes a period-correct restoration better than a set of vintage-looking tires.

And since it’s obviously a bad idea to run decades-old bias-plys on your restored truck, muscle car, or hot rod, the fine folks at Coker Tire have a much, much better option.

Meet the Coker Classic Star Series Tires

Designed as a direct replacement for your old car or truck’s factory bias-ply or radial tires, the Coker Classic Star Series certainly look the part of vintage rubber. But beneath that retro aesthetic hides a 21st-century tire, built to today’s standards with modern compounds using state-of-the-art manufacturing methods.

For starters, Classic Star Series tires feature a best-in-class 480 TreadWear Rating with Grade-A Traction, so they’ll stop, grip, and wear way better than those old bias-plys ever did. Depending on the tire size, you can also get the Classic Star Series tires with an extra load rating, ideal for vintage trucks and full-size cars.

Coker Classic Star Series Whitewall tire on red rim
(Image/Coker Tire)

Coker Tire makes these tires in North America and offers the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, good for the life of the tire tread.

They come in either thin or wide whitewall styles, and the even better news here is sizing:

Coker offers the Classic Star Series in a massive range of sizes, for wheel diameters from 13 to 17 inches.

Want a set for your ride? Click here to get Coker Classic Star Series tires at Summit Racing.

top half of a pair of vintage whitewall tires
(Image/Coker Tire)
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