If you’ve got an old muscle car or other vintage classic with a mechanical clutch, then you probably know how tiring it can be to maneuver around a crowded parking lot, packed car show, or a parade route–and have the sore ankle to prove it.

So the folks at McLeod are going to help your left foot relax a bit, with a series of direct-fit hydraulic clutch conversion kits for vintage Chevys and Ford Mustangs.

McLeod Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit Contents

The kits let you fix that sloppy clutch linkage and stiff pedal to get a more positive shift by converting to the smooth feel of a hydraulic pedal—in other words, you’ll enjoy faster, easier shifting with reduced pedal effort.

These McLeod kits also allow the hydraulic clutch bearing (available separately) to self-adjust as the clutch disc wears. That virtually eliminates maintenance by doing away with the need to make periodic shift linkage adjustments.

McLeod Direct Fit Hydraulic Conversion Kits mount on the vehicle firewall with the included bracket. They kits come with a 3/4 inch bore master cylinder, reservoir with rubber supply hose, -4 AN steel cylinder-to-bearing supply hose, and hardware.

Kits with ‘QD’ at the end of the part number require a GM T-56 transmission slave cylinder for a 1997-04 C5 Corvette or 1998-02 Camaro/Firebird.

You can get McLeod Direct Fit Hydraulic Conversion Kits for the following applications:

(Click the links above for more details on each kit.)

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