Driving a race car at high-G isn’t easy without a proper restraint from a good racing harness. More importantly, many sanctioning bodies won’t let you anywhere near the track without the correct driver restraint system in place.

But installing one has some drawbacks—particularly if the vehicle is pulling double-duty as a street car.

For example, installing a full eight- or 10-point cage is a big no-no for the street, because—among other things—it poses a major risk to the driver who’s not wearing a helmet. And even a four- or six-point harness bar can be cumbersome, since it significantly limits access to the back seat.

But the folks at Summit Racing have a really great solution with its Universal Adjustable Harness Bar.

Summit Racing Universal Harness Bar
(Image/Summit Racing)

The Summit Racing Universal Telescoping Upper Harness Bar mounts behind the B-pillar of nearly any vehicle. The bar helps secure the driver with a proper racing harness for Drag Racing, Autocross, Rallycross, Land Speed, and open track events.

You can install the bar with positioning Nutcerts for the B-pillar brackets, but Summit Racing tells us that they highly recommended welding for maximum strength.

Better still, the bar itself is super stiff, so Summit Racing says it can improve your chassis rigidity. You can keep the upper harness belts in perfect alignment with your body using optional 1.625 inch roll bar clamps as well.

But here’s the best part: Bolts or quick-release pins allow the telescoping bar to be removed when not at the track for easy access to the back seat. That makes it a best-of-both worlds scenario and a great solution for folks who like to take their street car to the track on occasion.

You’ll also get full instructions, including special upper harness angle guidance to keep you compliant with most major sanctioning bodies. You’re encouraged to check with your specific sanctioning body to ensure these style bars are permitted.

Find all the details on Summit Racing’s Universal Harness Bar here.

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