While battery powered electric drivers and impacts have transformed the way mechanics work nowadays, they do pose a conundrum around the shop: How do you keep all your power tool batteries safe and organized?

Well, StealthMounts has a solution for that.

power tool batteries clipped to a piece of wood in a shop
Store your batteries safely out of the way—where they won’t wander off, either. (Image/StealthMounts)

StealthMounts Battery Organizers let you mount and store your power tool batteries safely out of the way—but not too far out of the way, so you can easily grab one when you need it.

Available for popular tool brands like Milwaukee, Makita, and DeWalt, these battery organizers are a smart way to keep your batteries accounted for, and can help you keep track of what’s charged and what’s not. Most importantly, StealthMounts battery clips keep your power tool batteries from piling up on your workbench.

Depending on your battery, you can safely secure StealthMounts to a shelf or wall, so you can quickly switch your batteries out for fresh ones as they lose juice. The batteries lock into the StealthMounts clip and won’t release until you need them.

Milwaukee tool batteries mounted to plywood
Good for professional shops, home garages, and even race trailers, these StealthMounts clips are a smart way to keep your power tool batteries secure and accounted for. (Image/StealthMounts)

StealthMounts doesn’t just offer battery solutions here either. It makes handy drive bit organizers that secure to the power tool itself, so you can quickly change drive bits without having to root through a toolbox drawer or fumble around for the right one on a shop floor or in an engine bay.


All told, StealthMounts has a lineup of time- and space-saving organizers that can really help maximize both your shop space and your shop productivity.

Check out everything StealthMounts makes here.

dewalt power tool with bits mounted to battery
Boost your productivity by keeping your bits close at hand—genius, right? (Image/StealthMounts)