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The Oil Filter Socket: An Unsung Hero Tool for Quick, Easy Oil Changes

Mechanics like to joke about their disdain for vehicle engineers, particularly those that put regular service items in hard-to-reach locations—making routine vehicle maintenance a real pain. And perhaps nowhere is […]

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Video: Car Maintenance 101, How to Change Your Oil

While we write a lot of stories on high performance engine builds and top-dollar custom cars, it occurred to us that OnAllCylinders hasn’t posted much about the ordinary stuff. We […]

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Oil Down: A Look Inside Several Popular Oil Filter Models

There are all sorts of engine oil filters out there. In fact, a trip to our favorite auto parts website will reveal thousands of oil filters available for any number […]

ram Racing Oil Filter in Car
SEMA 2017 / SEMA 2017 Preview

SEMA Preview: New FRAM Racing Oil Filters

A high-performance vehicle puts tremendous pressure on its engine. To overcome those challenges, FRAM has introduced a line of Racing Oil Filters that offer a number of performance-enhancing features, including […]

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Ask Away with Jeff Smith: Micron Ratings and What They Mean for Your Oil Filter

I’ve been looking at aftermarket billet aluminum oil filters with a stainless mesh filter that you can disassemble, clean, and re-use. Are these any good? I don’t mind taking a […]