Get some satisfaction from working with your hands and learning a new skill—maybe even save some money too! (Image/Wix Filters’ YouTube Channel)

While we write a lot of stories on high performance engine builds and top-dollar custom cars, it occurred to us that OnAllCylinders hasn’t posted much about the ordinary stuff.

We can be guilty of focusing on advanced topics like cam swaps and EFI conversions, making the assumption that our readers already know the basics—which means we don’t often post walkthroughs of regular maintenance procedures like a standard oil change.

Fortunately, our filter friends over at Wix Filters made a beautifully simple, yet detailed oil change how-to video that’ll give you a step-by-step breakdown of the oil change process. If you’re new to wrenching, check it out below and take another step into the automotive hobby.

And heck, even if you’ve done roughly 452,000 oil changes over your lifetime, it’s a short watch and there are a few tips packed inside too.

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