Holley upped the ante on fuel injection swap kits with its newly redesigned Sniper 2 Self-Tuning Throttle Body EFI system. And while we recently wrote an entire in-depth article on the Holley Sniper 2, we wanted to share another video with you.

This time, the Summit Racing video team is giving you a side-by-side comparison of the new Holley Sniper 2 EFI system and the original Sniper 1 that was released about a decade ago.

holley sniper 1 & 2 EFI throttle bodies side by side on a work bench
(Image/The Summit Racing YouTube Channel)

This quick video will address some pretty obvious and important topics, namely what’s new and improved over the older system. And it dives into plenty of specifics on the Holley Sniper 2, showing you exactly how those improvements and refinements will benefit you.

See Sniper 2 Self-Tuning Electronic Fuel Injection Systems at Summit Racing.

You’ll also get a good look at the installation and setup of the Holley Sniper 2 Throttle Body EFI system as well as how Holley has designed the system to play well with its other products, like Holley distributors, fuel pumps, regulators, and beyond,

All told, this is a handy video to bookmark if you’re thinking about swapping your carburetor for modern electronic fuel injection. And it’s only about five minutes long, so it’s an easy one to watch too, check it out:

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