We’ve talked about the value and benefits of a quality header and exhaust wrap before, notably with some good how-to install posts from our pals Wayne Scraba and Jesse Kiser.

If you haven’t read those articles, here’s the premise in a nutshell: Wrapping your headers or exhaust tubing can be a great way to mitigate underhood temperatures and protect adjacent wiring or plumbing from melting or boiling from incidental contact with blazing hot header primaries. (And when used on a motorcycle, exhaust wrap can seriously protect your hands, wrists, and clothing from accidental contact too!)

But here’s the thing, although using a good exhaust heat wrap is obviously important…

…Knowing how much wrap to buy beforehand is equally critical.

man wrapping a section of exhuast pipe in heat wrap covering
(Image/Jesse Kiser)

After all, this is a project you can’t exactly pause midstream—you want to ensure you have the right amount of exhaust wrap before you begin.

In other words, you want to see the whole wrapping task through in one session. That way, you don’t have to worry about splicing or overlapping the wrap in the middle of a tubing section. As Wayne Scraba describes, the easily-fraying ends of many header wraps can be frustrating to deal with halfway through the job.

But no worries, because the tech aces over at Summit Racing developed this handy chart that’ll show you exactly how much exhaust heat wrap to buy, per length of tubing you’ve got. It even breaks down the distinction between tubing diameters, plus whether you’re using a one inch or two inch exhaust wrap roll—because how much heat wrap you’ll need obviously depends on the width of your heat wrap, exhaust tubing OD, coverage length you’re going for.

Check out the Exhaust Wrap Roll Length Chart Below:

exhaust header wrap roll guide length ordering chart
(Image/Summit Racing – Craig Artzner)

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