Nothing stops a project faster in its tracks than a busted tool. And while that’s a really frustrating situation for the home gearhead, it’s a massive productivity hit for a professional mechanic or shop tech.

So it’s no surprise to see why Gearwrench hand tools are so dang popular.

gearwrench torque wrench on a tool box

While the company is perhaps best known for the rock-solid reliability of its ratchets and sockets, Gearwrench makes a robust mix of other invaluable tools, including torque wrenches, screwdrivers, and (of course) wrenches—plus a lot of hard-to-find and unique tool solutions as well. (Better still, Gearwrench makes racks and tool chests to keep them all tidy and organized.)

But the best news is that these tools deliver professional-spec durability and performance, yet carry a price tag that’s friendly to the home wrencher.

Heck, there are plenty of race teams that entrust their success to the performance of Gearwrench tools too.


One more thing: Gearwrench hand tools feature a lifetime warranty. So in the rare case a Gearwrench hand tool develops an issue, the company will replace it for free with a simple, hassle-free warranty process.

Long story short, when you need to outfit your professional shop or home garage with a complement of hard-workin’ hand tools, Gearwrench is a great way to do it.

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