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Parts Bin: Mueller Kueps Specialty Automotive Tools Are Great Gift Ideas for the Pro & Home Mechanic

As most any professional mechanic will tell you, there’s a right tool for every job. And for gearheads like us, we want to have every. single. one. So when Summit […]

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How to Check the Calibration of a Clicker-Style Torque Wrench

It should come as no surprise to anyone reading this that torque wrenches are calibrated and that calibration should be checked, at least occasionally. According to some experts, torque wrench […]

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Angle of the Dangle: How to Use Torque Angle Gauges & Adapters

It should come as no surprise that Torque Angle is the measurement of choice for some engine components (the main example being connecting rods). When tightening fasteners by way of […]

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Gearheads Share What Tools They’re Most Thankful For

A few days ago, our pals over at Summit Racing asked a simple question on the Summit Racing Facebook page: What Tool Are You Most Thankful to Have in Your […]

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The Manual Fluid Transfer Pump: An Unsung Hero Tool for Mess-Free Transmission & Diff. Oil Changes

Ever changed the oil in a transmission, transfer case, or differential? Then you probably have a big oily spot on your garage floor as proof. That’s because, simply by the […]

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The Ball Joint Press: An Unsung Hero Tool for Fixing a Lot More Than Just Ball Joints

It all started when we noticed a telltale bearing squeak in our home’s HVAC blower motor. Then, on the hottest day of the year…Squuuuuuuueeeeeeerrrrrrk! A bearing failed and the motor […]

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Parts Bin: Diagnose Cooling System Issues with a Mishimoto Cooling System Pressure Tester & Vacuum Refill Kit

It’s the middle of summer here at OnAllCylinders world headquarters. Or as we like to call it, “peak overheating season.” It’s a time where folks often have an eagle-eye trained […]

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Seal Up Your LS Engine’s Timing Cover Quickly & Properly with Summit Racing’s Pro LS Timing Cover Alignment Tool

Here at OnAllCylinders, we like GM’s LS Series Engines. Plenty of other folks do too. And while it’s become the go-to engine swap choice for everything from vintage musclecars to […]

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Gasket Scraping Tools: Taking Drudgery Out of the Equation

One of the most tedious jobs in the automotive hobby has to be scraping gaskets. Depending upon the type of gasket, if it was installed with extra sealants, and how […]

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$#&@@!! Gearheads Share Their Most Painful Garage Lessons

Most gearheads will say that the automotive hobby is one perpetual learning experience. And some of those lessons can be painful—yes, we mean that in the most literal sense. So […]