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Video: How to Clean (& Sanitize) Your Power & Hand Tools

Our tools put up with a lot. They get dropped off ladders, thrust into scorching engine bays, and dunked in an chemical crucible of grease, muck, and goo. That means […]

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10 Things That You Absolutely, Positively Have to Carry in Your Vehicle at All Times

No doubt about it, cars and trucks are getting easier to own. Gone are the days of fiddling with a choke or regularly topping-off with oil. And with the rise […]


Parts Bin: Navigate Tight Spaces with a Milwaukee M12 FUEL Extended Reach Electric Ratchet

For whatever reason, engineers enjoy making mechanics crazy by putting critical fastener heads in the tightest, most hard-to-reach spots. But Milwaukee Tool’s M12 FUEL Extended Reach Ratchet comes to your […]

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The Common Bench Vise: Is This the Most-Used Tool in a Garage or Workshop?

Ponder the common bench vise. Just about everyone reading this will have one or two of them in the shop or in a trailer (or even mounted on a truck […]

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Parts Bin: Performance Tool Fluid Line Stoppers Make Brake & Fuel Line Work Mess-Free

A lot of gearheads dread brake and fuel system jobs—not because they’re difficult, but because disconnecting fluid lines can make a huge mess on a garage floor. From caliper repairs […]

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The Hook Up: There’s More to Tie-Downs Than Meets the Eye

You should always properly secure your vehicle anytime you trailer it to a race or event. It’s not just the smart, safe way to transport your ride, it’s a legal […]

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Parts Bin: NES Thread Repair Tools Help Repair Damaged Nut & Bolt Threads

A few years ago, we ran a tech article about removing stubborn bolts. Sometimes though, bolts or nuts simply won’t budge–and you’re doomed to cut or chisel them off (often […]

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Parts Bin: AutoMeter Battery Extenders, Jumpstart Packs & Tire Pressure Gauges

Nowadays, it seems like our garages are crammed with daily drivers, project cars, riding mowers, and maybe even a motorcycle or ATV. So if you’re in charge of your own […]

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Tool Time: How to Fix Drill Bits with Palmgren’s Cool Drill Bit Sharpener

I don’t know about you but I have pretty good collection of dull drill bits in my tool cabinet. I always promise myself I’ll replace them soon, but it seems […]

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Overlanding Essentials: Camping & Off-Roading Tool Kit Checklist

While it’s easy to love the idea of overlanding through a pristine landscape, off-roading is tough. And having the right overlanding, off-road, and car camping gear is vital. So we’ve […]