It’s not uncommon to see many top level race cars equipped with two batteries nowadays—and there are a few important reasons why.

To help explain the benefits of running a dual battery setup in a performance or race vehicle, the vehicle electrical experts at Go Lithium made this quick video. They talk about the role of the alternator and the importance of the proper amperage (current) in your vehicle’s electrical system.

Man hooking up two batteries in a race car
(Image/The Go Lithium YouTube Channel)

But the Go Lithium folks go further, describing some helpful install and setup techniques to make sure your double batteries work well in their new home—specifically, how to make sure they take the proper initial charge (which goes a long way towards the batteries’ overall lifespan).

The video is just under three minutes long, yet does a good job explaining some hows and whys behind a dual battery setup in a race car. Give it a look: