Got an older vehicle? Then converting its stock points-style ignition to a solid-state ignition module can have a ton of upside.

And there’s a big reason why: It virtually eliminates all the maintenance headaches associated with a breaker point ignition.

So if you’re tired of tedious distributor adjustments and filing breaker point contacts, then you should check out a Summit Racing Electronic Distributor Conversion Kit.

This Summit Racing electronic distributor conversion kit will fit inside 1957-74 Delco “Window Cap” style distributors and the module itself is emissions legal for all 50 states.

This kit won’t require any permanent modifications to your distributor. And when you fit the distributor cap back on, no one will ever know there’s a solid-state ignition module hiding under there, so it’s a good choice if you want to maintain a vintage look in your engine bay. (Image/Summit Racing)

Thanks to a tried-and-true magnetic sensor, you get rock-solid ignition timing with less moving parts—and less chance of dirt or moisture knocking things out of whack.

But the best news is, upgrading your old points distributor with a solid state ignition module is really easy with one of these kits from Summit Racing.

Just open up your distributor, remove your points and condenser, then plunk the assembly right in their place. See the whole installation process in the kit’s instruction manual.

This module uses a single-wire hookup too, so you simply connect it to the original points wire in the harness—you don’t even need to remove the distributor from the engine to do this retrofit.

(Image/Summit Racing)

An auto standby feature prevents coil damage or a dead battery if you leave your key in the ignition, and the module itself is protected from voltage and current spikes (like if you accidentally switch your battery polarity or use a high-amp battery charger).

So unless you really, really like adjusting ignition points, you may want to check out an easy-to-install electronic distributor conversion kit from Summit Racing.