The off-road community had been anxiously awaiting a new Jeep truck since the Comanche ended production in the early 1990s. So when the Jeep Gladiator truck debuted in 2020, it quickly became a common sight on the roads and trails across the United States.

Given the popularity of the Jeep Gladiator JT, the Summit Racing folks brought one into their studio to transform it into an even more versatile all-rounder. The goal was to create a Jeep truck capable of bringing you—and all your gear—wherever your adventures take you. See the whole project unfold in the Roamin’ Gladiator Jeep Build Series from Summit Racing.


Part 1, The Gladiator Gets Bagged

Airbags aren’t usually the first route an off-roader would take when upgrading their suspension, but Summit Racing sets out to show you how versatile, reliable, and downright useful an air suspension can be for both off-road and on-road performance. As an added bonus, the addition of on-board air allows the gang to quickly air-up and air-down the Jeep’s tires before and after a day of trail riding—plus power some modest air tools for any repairs back at basecamp.

Check it out in Episode 1 of the Project Roamin’ Gladiator build series here:

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