If you’re rebuilding or upgrading your GM LS motor, knowing the bore and stroke of your stock Chevy LS engine is critical.

It doesn’t matter if your LS is a Gen 3 or a Gen 4. It doesn’t matter if it is cast iron or aluminum. For all LS engines with the same displacement, the bore and stroke are the same. The chart below lists the stock bore and stroke measurements.

(Summit Racing’s Brian Nutter and Paul Spurlock contributed to this article.)

LS Engine Bore & Stroke Chart

Engine SizeBoreStroke
4.8L (293 c.i.d.)3.780 in.3.268 in.
5.3L (325 c.i.d.)3.780 in.3.622 in.
5.7L (346 c.i.d.)3.898 in.3.622 in.
6.0L (364 c.i.d.)4.000 in.3.622 in.
6.2L (376 c.i.d.)4.065 in.3.622 in.
7.0L (427 c.i.d.)4.125 in. 4.000 in.

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