A simple straightforward tool that can save you a ton of hassle. (Image/Summit Racing)

Here at OnAllCylinders, we like GM’s LS Series Engines. Plenty of other folks do too.

And while it’s become the go-to engine swap choice for everything from vintage musclecars to featherweight imports, the LS engine is not without a few minor faults.

A lot of LS folks will point to the motor’s lack of timing cover locating pins as an irritating example, because it can contribute to oil leaks around the front damper and rear main seal when you’re removing the cover for say, something like a cam swap.

Fear not, for the Summit Racing gang has heard this complaint all-too-often and has designed a simple LS Timing Cover Alignment Tool to solve it. Part of Summit Racing’s ever-expanding line of Pro LS parts and tools, the timing cover locator tool helps ensure that the timing cover is centered on the crankshaft to mitigate those pesky leaks. And it’ll make it easier to install the timing cover as well. Win-win.

The tool comes with an alignment bracket and hardware, so you can secure it to your LS engine. It’s compatible with all Gen. III and Gen. IV GM LS-series engines.