Las Vegas, Nevada — The annual SEMA Show is regarded as the biggest event in the automotive aftermarket industry, and our pals from Summit Racing were on the scene—talking to builders, taking pictures, and gobbling up every new product innovation they could find during a whirlwind week crammed with automotive aftermarket news.

You can click here to see all of our SEMA content, but we figured it’d be nice to give you the specific 2022 SEMA Show coverage on a single page, so check it out below.

OnAllCylinders Podcast: 2022 SEMA Show Review

We sat down with three Summit Racing employees who attended the event to hear about what trends they saw, what news they heard, and what they think about the future of the SEMA Show—and the gearhead hobby.

2022 SEMA Vehicle Features & Photo Galleries

A big reason why gearheads love the SEMA Show is because of all the rare, custom, and otherwise super-duper awesome vehicle builds that rumble into the event. Here are some of our favorites:

2022 SEMA Show News & Awards

Many manufacturers use the annual SEMA event podium to unveil their latest-and-greatest product innovations—and there’s also no shortage of breaking news and sneak-peeks either.

2022 SEMA Show Featured Product Videos

The Summit Racing folks found plenty of new and interesting stuff on the 2022 SEMA Show floor, so they grabbed their video cameras and spoke directly with the manufacturers to get the inside scoop.


We’ll keep updating this page as more news emerges in the wake of the 2022 SEMA show too, so check back often.

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