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Vacuum is really important to a vehicle, particularly if you’re running vacuum-assisted power brakes. Problem is, a big cam in a performance engine typically robs some of that vacuum, which is where our pal the electric vacuum pump comes in.

Electric vacuum pumps often have some drawbacks though—they can be loud, vibration prone, and stick out like a sore thumb in an engine bay.

That’s why you’ll probably appreciate the Bandit Series Electric Vacuum Pumps from Leed Brakes.

The Bandit Series Pumps run smoother and quieter, and Leed Brakes packages them in a compact housing that resembles the factory charcoal canister in a smog-era car. Best of all, the pumps build vacuum quickly, so you won’t be left with a squishy brake pedal at idle.

So, how smooth and quiet are these pumps?

The Summit Racing team caught up with Leed Brakes during the 2022 SEMA Show to get a demo of the Bandit pump’s whisper-quiet operation. See it…err….hear it for yourself in the video below:

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