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Traditional lead acid batteries are usually big, heavy, and cumbersome. And though that’s not a major drawback in an ordinary commuter vehicle, for high performance street machines, off-roaders, motorcycles, boats, and race cars, shedding even a few pounds can be a really big deal.

That’s why the super lightweight lithium batteries from Braille are so fascinating. They weigh a mere fraction of a traditional battery, yet offer the same reliability and service life of an AGM design. (In fact, Braille says they’ve got less than a one percent annual failure rate.)

man holding lithium braille battery in palm of his hand
A lithium battery can be an incredibly lightweight option for performance vehicle owners. (Image/Summit Racing)

Better yet, lithium batteries can improve engine starting and electrical system performance, and best of all, you don’t have to do anything special to convert to a lithium battery—just plunk it right in place of your old one and get going.

Braille makes incredibly lightweight AGM batteries too, boasting similar performance advantages to its lithium lineup.

The Summit Racing team caught up with the Braille Battery folks during the 2022 SEMA show and learned all about lithium batteries. Get the full scoop in this video:

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