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Believe it or not, supplies of the O.G. Ford Windsor engine block are drying up, which is particularly problematic for a crate motor manufacturer like BluePrint Engines.

So, BluePrint took matters into its own hands and started casting new ones.

But we’re not talking about just an ordinary Ford Windsor here—given BluePrint’s experience with that specific block design, its engineers made some key improvements to Ford’s original casting. The new block features thicker cylinder walls, reinforced webbing, splayed four-bolt mains, and other key enhancements that, BluePrint says, allow its new Windsor-derived block to handle upwards of 700 horsepower.

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BluePrint plans to package this block in 302, 306, 347, 351, 408, and 427 cubic inch configurations. And it’ll be available as a complete engine or a long block if you want to re-use your current Ford Windsor accessories.

The Summit Racing SEMA crew hooked up with BluePrint during the event to learn more about this block and its advantages. See what they found out:

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