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Having a stout tow hitch is a necessity for a workhorse rig, whether you’re towing lumber to a jobsite or dirt bikes to a campsite.

Problem is, when you’re not towing anything, that hitch sticks out from your bumper like a jousting lance—where it can whack unsuspecting knees, impede a garage door, and make it tricky to navigate a tight parking lot.

But Gen-Y Hitch just came up with an ingenious solution to this conundrum.

Its Phantom Flip & Tow Drop Hitch carries a whopping 12,000 pound tow capacity, yet flips backwards under the bumper so it’s not sticking out from the back of your truck or SUV. That means you can carry your hitch around full time, and deploy it only when you need to haul something—which should make your shins very, very happy.

The folks from Summit Racing spoke with Gen-Y to get the details on this hitch series, and you can see what they found out in the video below.

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