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Anyone who’s had to wedge a sander deep into an engine bay or contort their body just to knock down a measly spot weld will easily see the advantage of having a cordless, powerful battery-powered bandfile.

But that didn’t stop Milwaukee Tool from packing its M12 FUEL Cordless Lithium-Ion Bandfile Sanders with even more benefits.

For starters, these handy bandfiles offer plenty of rotation and adjustability around the tool head, which means it’s easy to tuck one tight into a vehicle chassis or behind body sheetmetal—that goes a long way towards fighting fatigue too.

Better yet, you can actually REVERSE the electric motor, so you’re not flinging grit into your face as you grind away. And since you’re not dragging an air hose behind you, you can do remote work without a shop compressor droning on in the background.

These handy bandfile sanders are practically tailor made for grinding down spot welds with precision—particularly if you’re working in a tight spot. (Image/Summit Racing)

Milwaukee makes its M12 Fuel Cordless Bandfiles in two flavors:

The Summit Racing gang got to see a M12 Cordless Bandfile in action in the Milwaukee Tool booth at the 2022 SEMA show. See some more features of these tools and get a quick spot weld grinding demo in the video below:

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