This is the latest in a series of new and featured products that caught our eye at the 2022 SEMA Show. Click here to see all of our 2022 SEMA Show coverage.


When the folks from Milwaukee Tool were doing surveys of what professional service techs wanted in a cordless battery-powered tire inflator, they got a pretty straightforward answer:

“Fill speed! Fill speed! Fill speed!”

With that, Milwaukee’s engineers sharpened their pencils and came up with the M18 Compact Inflator.

Lightweight and cordless, an M18 Compact Inflator can supply up to 120 psi of air pressure—and it can do it quickly. In fact, Milwaukee says it can top off a typical tire in less than a minute.

The Summit Racing gang caught up with Milwaukee Tool during this year’s SEMA show and were lucky enough to catch a demo of this thing in action. Watch as they do a side-by-side “race” with another tire inflator model:

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