There’s nothing in the world like firing up your project car for the first time.

The thrill, the excitement, the smoke…the smoke?! 

Well, hopefully not too much smoke. After seven months of hard work and testing the outer limits of my wife’s patience, it’s finally time to see if we can light the fuse on Project Firebolt!

Before we do that, we have this whole wiring situation that needs finished, along with filling all the fluids that will keep our Summit Racing-equipped turbo V8 drivetrain alive and well.

Here we go, cross your fingers, and wish me luck!

With the engine bay wiring done, it’s time to work on the wiring inside the cab. Sheesh! (Image/Tom Tharp)
This Vibrant vacuum manifold sure beats plastic tees or drilling a bunch of holes in your intake. (Image/Tom Tharp)
That look when you turn the key and nothing happens. 😐 (Image/Tom Tharp)
This is our Terminator X Max’s new home. The diagnostic LEDs on the front give you a quick look at how everything is operating. (Image/Tom Tharp)
Time to fill the fluids! This Summit differential cover makes filling and draining your diff so easy. (Image/Tom Tharp)
Terminator X has a built in quick start wizard that asks you a few questions about your setup to get you up and running quickly and safely. (Image/Tom Tharp)
So how did our first start go? Check out the video to see and hear for yourself! (Image/Tom Tharp)