It’s time to tackle the important job of plumbing the lines for all the vital fluids that will keep Firebolt alive and well.

This turbo 5.3 will need plenty of high octane fuel and clean oil, so we’re fabbing up a remote oil filter setup, complete tank-to-injector fuel system, and lots more. Let’s get to work!

We don’t have room for a traditional pan mounted oil filter, so to solve that small roadblock I ordered up Summit’s stainless steel hose, hose ends and an Earl’s remote oil filter mount. (Image/Tom Tharp)
Using high quality stainless hose and fittings made the job of creating custom oil lines fast and easy. (Image/Tom Tharp)
While the folks at Toyota never intended for all of this madness, they did make a nice spot for the remote oil filter under here. (Image/Tom Tharp)
Our 4L80E needs to stay cool, so I picked up this Derale Atomic Cool remote transmission cooler. (Image/Tom Tharp)
Stock Toyota fuel lines are only a bit larger than a drinking straw, so out comes all that and in goes a new -8 feed and -6 return fuel system. (Image/Tom Tharp)
To handle the crucial job of delivering fuel to each cylinder, I picked up these 80 lb./hr Trick Flow TFX fuel injectors. (Image/Tom Tharp) 
After getting the fuel system sorted, I bolted on our refreshed coil packs, plug wires, and cleaned-up throttle body. This is coming together nicely! (Image/Tom Tharp)