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Project Firebolt: The LSX Turbo Tacoma (Part 4): The Teardown

I’ve put this job off as long as I could.

While this 2.4 liter automatic Tacoma’s acceleration is painfully slow, I was enjoying doing truck stuff with it. Hauling lumber, helping a buddy move… yeah, we had some good times together.

Now it’s time to get the Tacoma ready for its new V8 heart transplant by ripping out that lethargic four-cylinder powertrain.

Sorry old friend, this won’t hurt a bit.

[NOTE: You can catch up on this project by checking out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 here.]

Ahh, the Toyota 2RZ-FE engine: reliable, economical and shockingly slow when paired with an automatic transmission. We’re talking around 100 horsepower to the wheels on a good day. (Image/Tom Tharp)

Step one, recruit your Nana and remove the hood. (Image/Tom Tharp)

Goodbye underpowered engine! This one is barely broken in and will be under the hood of another Toyota pickup very soon. (Image/Tom Tharp)

Breaking news! Holley’s new Terminator X Max Powertrain Management System will be the brains behind Project Firebolt! (Image/Tom Tharp)

Ok, I admit it. When I said “this won’t hurt a bit” earlier, I wasn’t entirely forthcoming. Hey, V8s need space! (Image/Tom Tharp)

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  3. Frank callan says:

    I love the way you go about your work im a dyi guy and love your organization tips
    Keep them comming

    I have a 2001 family van I love very much but its the last year of the distributor not sure if I should replace the enging.

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