It’s a proven fact that turbochargers love Summit Racing’s Pro LS Turbo cams. (Image/Tom Tharp)

After a thorough clean up and inspection of our 5.3 V8, it’s time to build it back up with a big, beautiful shopping cart full of new parts.

Our work begins by installing the star of the show, the Summit Racing Stage 2 Pro LS Turbo cam.

From there, the hits just keep on coming as we install a Summit Billet Steel Double Roller Timing Set, Oil Pump, Rear Main Seal Housing, Lifter and Guide Kit, Dual Valve Spring Upgrade Kit and then seal up the bottom end with an Aluminum Oil Pan Kit.

Our final job of the day is to install our cylinder heads, which gets us one step closer to seeing if this will all fit in our Toyota Tacoma.

While I’m unsure how the 5.3 will fit, I know this lineup of high quality replacement parts and upgrades will give us an excellent foundation for making great turbocharged power!

[NOTE: You can catch up on this project by checking out Part 1 and Part 2.]

Summit’s Billet Steel Double Roller Timing Set delivers accurate, reliable cam timing. Shame it will be hidden out of sight. (Image/Tom Tharp)
Wimpy stock valve springs aren’t going to cut it, so in goes Summit Racing’s LS Dual Valve Spring Upgrade Kit. (Image/Tom Tharp)
Summit Racing’s LS Lifter and Guide Kit is worthwhile insurance and peace of mind vs. re-using our old lifters. (Image/Tom Tharp)
ARP bolts will be doing the job of securing our heads to the block. (Image/Tom Tharp)
The Summit Racing Pro LS cast aluminum oil pan kit’s goal is to make swapping an LS engine into a variety of cars and trucks an easy, straightforward job. (Image/Tom Tharp)
Author: Tom Tharp